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Traditional Southern Snacking straight

from Mama Geraldine's Kitchen

The story begins with Geraldine Cunningham, a retired teacher from Newnan, Georgia and a genuine southern treasure. Geraldine learned the skills of baking from her Swedish mom, Emma Lindgren McCloskey.


With eight children, baking was an essential part of everyday meals. Geraldine met and married a southern gentleman, Turner Holmes Cunningham, who whisked her off to his mini-plantation
(2-room apartment). Geraldine bore Turner three sons and one daughter. Quickly, baking became as essential to feeding her family

as it had been to her mother.


Geraldine was constantly baking her Cheese Straws as a peace offering for the trouble her mischievous children would get into. After
a few bites the townspeople of Newnan, GA not only forgave the Cunninghams, but found themselves dancing in the town square.


Enter Cathy Cunningham in 1994, a burnt-out, albeit successful, radio executive in Atlanta. The corporate culture was no longer fitting so well for Cathy. The panty-hose alone were about to finish her off. One evening while eating Geraldine's cheese straws, an idea was born.
"I'll start a company to sell these cheese straws and call it The Bodacious Foods Company." After all, to Cathy, bodacious means,
"As good as it gets!"


The "rest" is history. Now Geraldine's Bodacious Snacks are distributed nationwide. As for Cathy, she hasn't put on a pair of panty-hose since.

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