Read what others have to say about Geraldine's!

Received my order today.  Thank you for such prompt service!  I will be a 'regular' customer! Thank you.

Deborah K.

Dec 2012 at the Western supermarket on Highland Ave. in B’ham I saw your products for the first time . I asked my friend from Atlanta what a cheese straw was and she said they are something Atlanta society ladies eat. We tried all five of the products and liked them all. A friend of mine from Texas said these are mexican cookies, whatever i ate the whole box of p.c.m. at one sitting, god bless and keep up the good work.

Jim C. in the ‘ham

I rarely do this, unless I am really in love with the product.  Sure enough, I am in love with this product and quality, love the key lime cookies and I just found out about your aged cheddar cheese straws which is seriously motivating to find some in Arizona and shove them in my mouth immediately. Thank you for the goodness.

Billy N.

Absolutely addictive, cannot eat any out of the box without ending up eating the whole thing. Thanks for such a wonderful tasting snack.

Jim H.

This is my second time ordering Aged Cheddar Cheese Straws.  They arrived promptly via UPS.  Two days later, four boxes are gone.  I promised myself to take two of the boxes to work to share.  Alas, the delicious straws are gone and my guilt about not sharing is justifiably gone!  Next time, I am ordering more.  These are truly amazing. Phoenix, AZ

As a mother with three boys who at times seem to be human disposals, I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how much we enjoy your products.  I love to see my family eat something they enjoy so much and they certainly enjoy your products.  Thank you for your care and quality.  We certainly appreciate it.

Heather R.

I was on the BRAG ride in June.  They had some of your Bodacious Wedding cookies Cinnamon Pecan and they were very bodacious!   I saved a wrapper so I could find your website, but I could not find the Cinnamon Pecan Wedding Cookies.  Do you still make them?  And if so, where might I find them.

Debbie V.  (Publix has them, Debbie)

I was very surprised to be standing in my local Ingles market, reading the text on the back of your Geraldine's Aged Cheese Straws. I say "surprised" because Holmes Cunningham was my high school principal! I attended Newnan High from 1981-1983. Mr. Cunningham was always a favorite principal of mine. I even have a letter he sent to my mom commending me for playing Taps every morning for the raising of the flag ceremony. I didn't know about the cheese straws when in high school, but now that I know-and have tasted them-they are also now a favorite!  Thanks for your time.

Stuart L.

Received my cheese straws today, complete with discount, and they are just wonderful. Have already eaten one box and am thinking about partaking of another. Thanks for the tasty treats and your outstanding customer service. Best regards.

Eva Marie P.

I have been addicted to your cheese straws for quite some time now. They were readily available at our local Food Lion supermarket in southwest Virginia. My husband and I recently moved to Pennsylvania where, sadly, I haven't been able to locate them. None of the local supermarkets have even heard of the product and when asked, I'm directed to string cheese! I placed an order for 12 boxes and am planning to make a gift of a few to the managers in hopes that they'll have to have them in the stores. Love, love, LOVE these snacks! Sincerely.

Connie H.

Your goods are indeed bodacious.  Everything I’ve tried is super.  Ordering another 12 pack to be sent up north to Vermont.  Will munch away the snowy days. Thanks.

Pat B.

I just wanted to let your company know how much my family and respects your delicious cheese straws and Italian wedding cookies. It is so rare in this economy for a company to have such quality food products for a reasonable cost and I wanted to give Bodacious Foods my wholehearted appreciation.

I've been buying from you for several years now, and I'd like to say thanks for the discount coupon today, but also THANKS for the updated, more user friendly web site!  it used to be almost painful to try to use it to send gifts, but the updated version is very smooth. Great product, and now easier to access online which is where I do my shopping.

Mary F.